New Zealand Chiropractic researcher and PhD Candidate, Tanja Glucina, caught up with the Australian Spinal Research Foundation this week to discuss her recent paper – the first piece of research to come out of her PhD investigation. The paper, titled “Moving towards a contemporary chiropractic professional identity,” covers some important territory when it comes to the paradigms we work in as chiropractors. We spent a few minutes talking about the papers significant findings and how it might impact our practices and practice members.


You can check out the full paper, including the full data breakdown, at the reference below. Congratulations Dr Tanja on some great work! 


  1. Glucina T, Krageloh C, Farvid P, and Holt K (2020), “Moving Towards a contemporary chiropractic professional identity,” Contemporary Therapies in Clinical Practice, Volume 39, May 2020, 

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