Why Be Behind The Science That Is Consistent With Our Philosophy?

At the recent Dynamic Growth Congress, we asked some leading voices in chiropractic why it is important to invest in quality research into the vertebral subluxation.

Here, Dr Mark Postles talks about some key questions that underpin our approach to the profession and the knowledge base that we need to back it: are we an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff or a fence at the top? Are we subscribers to ‘Theory X’ in which there is no order in the universe, and no innate intelligence operating in the complex organism that is the human life? Or do we align ourselves with ‘Theory Y’ in which there is order in the universe and there is innate intelligence?

More importantly, if we belong to the latter, why are we orienting ourselves towards Theory X, or acting as the ambulance on the valley floor?

Never has there been a time in the long history of chiropractic where research has been more important. Listen to Dr Mark talk about why we need to be clear on our purpose, our metaphysical premise, and on what we stand for, and why we need to be getting behind science that is consistent with our philosophy.




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