Bone Broth – The New Super Food to Heal Gut Issues

There’s always some new fad that seems to hit our shelves. Bone broth has been the hipster drink de jour for the last couple of years. Given up caffeine? Bone broth. Trying to get healthy? Bone broth. The Brooklyn hipsters have been carrying around this meaty bone soup in lieu of a super sized Starbucks coffee like it’s going out of fashion.

Except it isn’t. Going out of fashion that is. Instead, this age old recipe is going mainstream. And much like encouraging people to exercise more or get a good nights sleep, this wonder liquid may well be the turning point for lots of people suffering from health issues. We’ve covered in our blogs articles relating to the gut being the second brain and the relationship between gut and heart and mind and we’ve addressed the conditions that are linked to leaky gut.

In a nutshell, the gut is being recognised as one of the primary sources of disease in the body. These diseases range from our mental health1, anxiety and depression1 to the physical issues we address, everything from autoimmune diseases, diabetes, thyroid, adrenal gland issues, weight gain, and a host of other physical complaints. Frankly it’s all about inflammation. When your gut is in bad shape and starting to get holes in it, otherwise known as having “intestinal hyperpermeability”, waste product starts to leak out of through the intestinal wall lining. And as these toxins, gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar etc hit our insides it promotes inflammation in our bodies.

But what’s so special about bone broth that makes it’s such a super food?

Basically bone broth is gold mine of amino acids and minerals. This unique amino acid profile is so beneficial because it contains Proline, Glycine and L-Glutamine.


This is a huge repair substance. It’s the amino acid for tissue repair. It converts to collagen, which is what keeps your skin tight and firm. It keeps muscles and joints flexible.  We hear about collagen a lot in regards to wrinkles, hair condition and cellulite. As you age over time your body produces less collagen, which is why we develop wrinkles and saggier skin. A deficiency in collagen gives rise to digestive issues and hormone issues. Bone broth is high in Proline, higher than in any other food found out there today. When it converts to collagen it not only tightens up your skin, but collagen tightens up your gut lining too and repairs any holes in the small intestine walls. Perfect for people suffering from leaky gut syndrome!


This amino acid helps the detoxification of the liver. If you’ve been exposed to antibiotics or drugs, glycine supports your body in detoxification of these substances. It also works hand in hand with Proline to support the repair process of holes in the gut, in essence it repairs the membrane.


People have been using this amino acid in bodybuilding for a long time. It helps to increase muscle mass and burn fat. But it’s also used as fuel source by the small intestine to help protect your gut. It helps stabilise blood sugar levels and there has been research that supports it is helpful in reducing alcohol consumption. In a study2 rats who were given a diet of L-Glutamine voluntarily reduced alcohol consumption by up to 34%.  Scientists believe it is because it controls sugar cravings by reducing the amount of insulin in the blood and forcing the body to covert store fat as a glucose source instead. It protects your gut by forming a lining. This means when you consume chemicals or antibiotics it protects it from leaking out of your intestinal wall. A pretty amazing amino acid!

But it’s not just this combination of amino acids that makes bone broth a super food.

It also contains minerals that we need in our diets that we use to repair our body.


This mineral is essential in the role of calming our nerves and anxiety. It also helps with digestion and is great in relieving constipations. It relieves muscle spasms and aches. Research has shown3 magnesium to reduce migraine headaches and prevent osteoporosis. It also works with regulating calcium, potassium and sodium levels in the body. It’s also important in heart health.


This is your number one blood pressure mineral. It relieves strokes, enhances your muscle strength and metabolism. It’s effects on the nervous system are much like magnesium, it helps with anxiety and stress and controls your electrolyte levels.

These days you can pop into a health food store or growers market and pick yourself a hot cup of it, or a take home pack, but it’s pretty easy to make.

It’s essentially all about the bones. Throw into a stockpot, chicken feet, chicken necks and chicken back. Then pop them in pot with water and apple cider vinegar and let it simmer up to 48 hours and bingo, bone broth!

Not a bad days work in kitchen, making a super food that will assist in the healing your body!



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