The Communicative Power Of Research

Good research is research that impacts the practitioner and the practice. At the recent Dynamic Growth Congress, we asked some leading voices in chiropractic why it is important to invest in quality research into the vertebral subluxation.

Here Dr Dorte Bladt voices a practitioner’s perspective on the type of research we need.

This isn’t about cherry picking studies on particular conditions and chiropractic. This is about understanding what chiropractic is, and what it isn’t. It’s about stepping back and asking congruent questions that get the answers that are useful to us.

“Research is incredibly important for us as practitioners. We want to do the right thing. We want to do our very best and keep up with the times. It is important for us to be seen as caring, educated and knowledgeable. We get that through research,” says Dorte. But she reinforces the need for the right research – that which answers the right questions and is congruent with the philosophy that drives chiropractic. “The research that is around right now doesn’t seem to fit us particularly well. We aren’t asking the questions that are congruent so we are coming up short.”

Listen to Dr Bladt illustrate the communicative power of research – from the practitioner, to the practice member, to the wider community – and why it is urgent that we get behind the right approach to it.


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