Leaving A Legacy

Your Will is a very personal thing. It is a reflection of you, your values and your choices. What you do with your Will says something about who you are.

A fatal illness or accident can occur at any time, and whilst we may not want to face that possibility, it’s important that when it does, your loved ones and those people and causes you care about are properly provided for.

A Will ensures that your property and assets are distributed according to your wishes.

If you already have a Will, then a new one isn’t always necessary to make minor changes. Often, a Codicil is the easiest way to make a short legal amendment to your existing Will, though again, legal advice should be obtained in the event of any doubt.

If you don’t have a Will, we encourage you to consider your loved ones and a legacy that supports the future holistic health of the community.

You understand the important health impacts that focussed chiropractic research can make.

You can leave a legacy that enables the development of continued evidence, so more people can experience good health and well-being into the future. Consider a bequest to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and make a gift to enable human potential tomorrow.

Spinal Research looks to its future with unbridled enthusiasm and optimism. The Foundation is a vehicle for nurturing chiropractic. A vehicle that is focused, committed and with clear vision.

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