Dr Michael Hall’s Neurological Screening Demonstration

Many of you were lucky enough to have been at DGC 2016 and experience a powerful demonstration by Dr Michael Hall. As a part of Spinal Research’s quest to support our tribe to incorporate Spinal Health Checks or Health Education events into their practice philosophy, we asked Dr Hall if he would show attendees how they might integrate Neurological Screenings into practice and perhaps utilise some of the techniques to conduct Spinal Health Check Events.

It was a fantastic demo!

Dr Hall demonstrated some of the most popular tests that can be done by chiropractors. In simple terms, these tests involve having those being checked doing various movements to determine spinal health. We know from experience that if you’re doing a Spinal Health Check event (formally called Public Spinal Screenings), that the more movement, action and enthusiasm you have happening at your event, the more people will be drawn to see what it’s all about. This was certainly the case at the DG demo, and many people who were there were excited to find out how these techniques can be integrated into Spinal Health Check Events, as a way to attract new patients, and create more donations for Spinal Research!

Spinal Research has gathered a wide range of information, including Neurological Testing ‘basics’, and put it all together for you in the Community Health & Education Events – Information Kit here.For those of you who would like to delve deeper into the subject of ‘Functional Neurology with Chiropractic Application’, we have a program created by Dr Michael Hall, available on USB for $300 (+$10 postage & admin), which includes 1.5 hours of video and a range of audio, and makes up more than 6.5 hours of relevant and important information. To purchase your copy, fill in the form available on our website. A portion of the sales of this program goes to Spinal Research.Everything you need to know about Spinal Health Checks or Health Education Events is available on our webpage via the links above.

If you have any questions or would like some support, contact Bridget at bridget@spinalresearch.com.au or on (07) 3200 5066.

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