Spinal Research Hero Month – March 2019

What a HUGE success!

Do you think it’s important to be able to show your practice members and community that the effectiveness of chiropractic has been proven through research? So do we, which is why 2019 saw the launch of the inaugural ‘Spinal Research Hero Month’.  

During the month of March, a bunch of practices and individuals got involved and held fundraising activities in support of Spinal Research’s Mission to facilitate research that furthers the understanding and development of chiropractic care. We are so happy and grateful to them all!

Thanks to all of the participants, communities and Sponsors,  $5,500 was raised for research – amazing!

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Winners of our competition…

Most Inspired Activity

Congratulations Lotus Chiropractic!

Lotus Chiropractics 30 Day Challenge inspired around 30 practice and community members to get pro-active for 30 days, with things like: Gratitude journals; exercising every day, giving up sugar, eating more veg & less junk, drinking more water, and checking in & spending time with family each day. What an inspiration for the community.

Most Funds Raised

Congratulations Harbour Family Chiropractic Walking Group!

The Walking Group tirelessly raised funds throughout March, with well over 100 people donating to their activity and a total amount of $2,462 raised! Their passion and excitement was contagious, and it was an incredible effort by the team.

Best Photo

Congratulations Chiropractic Today and Leeming Chiropractic!

It was too tough to choose, so we picked our top 2! Both practices held Super Hero events and dressed for the occasion, and we just loved the energy of the photos and the efforts by everyone. Check them out below…

Thank you to our Spinal Research Heroes!