About Us

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation was established in 1977, and is internationally the largest chiropractic research funding organisation.

The Foundation has contributed greatly to chiropractic research over the past 44 years having funded 210 research projects at a cost in excess of AUD$2.7M. Additionally, the Foundation has developed a unique and robust research review process which all proposed research projects are assessed through before granting is approved. The review process involves both the Research Committee and Clinical Advisory Committee which are made up of an international panel of experts from both academic and field practice.

The Foundation is registered with the Australian Tax Office and is recognised as an approved Deductible Gift Recipient for tax deductible donations made by Australian residents. More recently the Foundation has become recognized through the CAF America system for USA based residents to make tax deductible donations.

In 2010 the Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund Trust (NZ) to work together in funding chiropractic research. Since then there have been other organisations internationally that have also contributed jointly to funding research, including (but not limited to) the United Chiropractic Association (UK), the Edmonton Chiropractic Society (Canada), True Concepts (Canada), CalJam (USA), ChiroFest (USA), RAW (Australia) and the Berkshire Philosophy Event (USA).

Our role within the profession is to remain a leader in facilitating the investigation of how chiropractic contributes to community health and well-being, and therefore our Mission is “to  fund and facilitate research that furthers the understanding and development of chiropractic care”.

Strategic Goals

We have committed to facilitating funds towards quality research investigating vertebral subluxation. It’s a bold plan; one that we can achieve because of our Members and Donors.

1702 DG 2017 (240 of 268)

Goal One – The world leader in facilitating quality vertebral subluxation focused research

Goal Two – Consistent financial sustainability and growth

Goal Three – To engage the profession in our research agenda

Our Team

Spinal Research is a Foundation that is only able to do what it does because of our amazing group of volunteers. Every year, around 150 people lend their physical, intellectual or leadership skills to a myriad of activities. This allows the Foundation to dramatically reduce costs, raise funds and better serve the chiropractic community.

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation is governed by a Board of Governors. The Board is collectively responsible and accountable for the Foundation’s financial management, human resources and compliance with all legal, financial and ethical obligations as well as funding approval for all research studies.

The Board are supported by our Associate Governors who play an integral role within the operations of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Clinical Advisory Panel and Research Committee are critical to our research process and ensure the Foundation’s mission is realised.

All these volunteers are supported by our Head Office staff who carry out many of the operational duties.