Research Committee

The Research Committee covers the spectrum of health, chiropractic specific and medical research, including public health research initiatives. The committee will recommend to the Board of Governors the awarding of grants on the basis of scientific quality and as judged by peer-review. The committee may provide research support through a variety of mechanisms and where it deems involvement to be essential for that project to achieve its objectives.

Research Committee members provide their service in an honorary capacity.

Associate Professor Sinan Ali

Gar Jones

Dr Phillip Ebrall

Clinical Advisory Panel

The Foundation’s Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) is one of the most critical aspects of our research process as it keeps our research relevant and focused on the chiropractic paradigm.

The panel is part of our process that creates the intersection of philosophy with science. The job of the CAP members is to review grant applications and assess them for their relevance to our priorities and make suggestions to improve their relevancy to chiropractic and practicing chiropractors.

Clinical Advisory Panel members provide their service in an honorary capacity.

Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock

Dr Ari Diskin

Dr Martin Harvey

Dr Christie Kwon

Dr Mark Postles

Dr Mark Uren

Dr Wayne Whittingham

Dr David Cahill

Dr Craig Foote

Dr Rosemary Keating

Dr Gilles LaMarche

Dr Tony Rose

Dr Taylor Vagg

Dr James Chestnut

Dr Michael Hall

Dr Richelle Knowles

Dr Paul McCrossin

Dr Patrick Sim

Dr Adrian Wenban