Membership to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation allows you to pro-actively play a part in investigating the vertebral subluxation and its effects, and the impact chiropractic care has on human function. This research enhances our knowledge-base and is centred on producing outcomes with strong, clinical relevance for the profession.

Membership comes in several forms, from full membership with voting rights, to supporting and student membership. 

Full Members

This level of membership is for all Chiropractors, as well as those in the community who wish to hold voting rights on Foundation matters. Our Members believe in our Vision  and Mission, have confidence in our Research Agenda, and want to play a pro-active role in the professions future globally.

Mature Women


This membership level is for anyone within the community who is passionate about chiropractic and wants to support research that investigates how chiropractic contributes to community health and well-being. This level does not include voting rights, and is not available to Chiropractors.


Chiropractic Students have the opportunity to support the profession by playing a role in research investigating the vertebral subluxation and its effects, and the impact chiropractic care has on human function. We welcome and value our Student Members as the future leaders of the profession.