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This level of membership is for all Chiropractors, and is also open to those in the community who wish to have voting rights on Foundation matters.

Spinal Research Members share our vision They believe in the philosophy of chiropractic care and contribute towards building the capacity of the Foundation to collate a body of knowledge that delivers certainty, clarity and confidence to the profession. Membership to Australian Spinal Research Foundation allows you to pro-actively play a part in investigating the vertebral subluxation and its effects and impacts through our chiropractic paradigm.

You can also increase your contribution to the Foundation, beyond your membership…


You can become a Partner, by adding a donation on top of your membership. Our Partners are those Members who not only share our vision and philosophy, but are drivers in funding research to fill the knowledge gaps. This research will enhance our knowledge-base on what is fundamental to our great profession – the vertebral subluxation – and will be centred on producing outcomes with strong, clinical relevance for chiropractors.

Member Benefits: 

  • Being a pro-active part of the Foundation’s mission to facilitate research that furthers the understanding and development of chiropractic care
  • Monthly Members e-Newsletter, including an exclusive chiropractic video & White Paper
  • Access to exclusive fact sheets on our research projects
  • Access to our Members-only Facebook group where you can connect with meaningful discussions about Chiropractic
  • Discounts and access to a variety of memberships and subscriptions, events and resources from a range of chiropractic organisations
  • Discounts on a range of Foundation resources & products
  • Reduced registration for Foundation seminars
  • Membership certificate to display in practice
  • Use of the Foundation’s Members Logo for use online and in print
  • Annual Report recognition
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • Membership may be tax deductible.

Membership and Partnership options


$40 per month


Membership + Donation
$50 or more per month


Membership + Donation
$140 or more per month


Membership + Donation
$240 or more per month

Terms and conditions apply to being a member of Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Monthly deductions are ongoing and auto-renewable. If a member wishes to cease membership, the Foundation must be notified in writing.  Supporter Membership is not available to chiropractors and does not include voting rights. Please carefully read all Terms and Conditions, available for download here

IMPORTANT: All fees are in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST.

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