Research Agenda

Our Vision is a clear understanding of vertebral subluxation. We engage researchers to investigate the impact of chiropractic care on the quality of life of an individual and on their community through a deeper understanding of the:

  • Reliability, validity and reproducibility of vertebral subluxation measures of identification
  • Impact of a vertebral subluxation and an adjustment
  • Epidemiology of the vertebral subluxation
  • Impact of the vertebral subluxation and the adjustment on the community.

The Research Agenda was developed through an in-depth global consultation process. It was quite clear through this consultation process that the profession has a great need to get this research done, and it is a process we were excited and honoured to take the lead in.

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation Research Agenda

By 2022: Investigate the impact of Chiropractic care on the quality of life of an individual and on their community:

  1. What is the definition of subluxation?  COMPLETE
  2. Can subluxations be identified validly, reliably and reproducibly?
  3. What are the impacts of a subluxation and an adjustment?
  4. What is the epidemiology of the subluxation?
  5. What are the impacts of the subluxation and the adjustment on the community?

Part One – Definition of Subluxation  COMPLETE

The Foundation’s Board have formulated and adopted a conceptual definition of vertebral subluxation that is applicable to research and chiropractic practice. This reflects the current available evidence and understanding of vertebral subluxation. For the purposes of the research agenda the Australian Spinal Research Foundation currently defines that:

“A vertebral subluxation is a diminished state of being, comprising of a state of reduced coherence, altered biomechanical function, altered neurological function and altered adaptability.”

Parts Two to Five

This much-needed research will investigate the vertebral subluxation, its effects and the impact chiropractic care has on human function , rather than that of ‘disease and treatment’. All of this will be geared around greatly enhancing our knowledge base and will be centred on producing research with strong, clinical relevance for chiropractors.

Our Program

Over the last 44 years the ASRF has funded 210 research projects at a cost in excess of AUD$2.7M. Information on these outcomes is available to Members. The Foundation is incredibly proud of our two-stage approval process. We believe this sets us apart from other chiropractic research funding bodies. It has served us well for many years and was the result of reviewing the processes used by a number of national and international competitive funding bodies. Our application and assessment process reflects research sector best practice.