The Role Of Research In The Protection And Preservation Of Chiropractic

At the recent Dynamic Growth Congress, we asked some leading voices in chiropractic why it is important to invest in quality research into the vertebral subluxation.

Listen to Dr Patrick Sim, one of the key drivers behind the Australian Chiropractic College, talk about the significant crossroads chiropractic is at, and the role of research and philosophy in this historical time. Dr Sim paints a clear picture of the wide-reaching ripple effect that stems from the actions we take at this time.

“What we are really talking here when we talk about the future, is your legacy,  your business, your earning capacity, your practice, your family, your relationships and your standing in the community. When I think about chiropractic, I think about the future of my kids and grandkids,” he says.

He delivers a stirring message on the significance of the chiropractic philosophy, and why the right research that investigates the right questions is of vital importance to our future – not just on the strength of chiropractic but potentially its very existence.

Here, Dr Sim powerfully illustrates our role, and the role of research in the protection and preservation of chiropractic for generations to come.


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