The Parker Experience

Online learning for chiropractors has radically changed the way we develop ourselves and our practices. Podcasts, YouTube videos and online seminars mean that we can learn from home, in our underwear, what we used to have to go to seminars to learn. So why is it that thousands of people choose to travel to Las Vegas every year to attend Parker Las Vegas?

Quite simply, because Parker is more than its content, it’s an immersive experience. It’s like the difference between listening to a CD of your favourite band and going to see them live. Sure, you could read the Parker principles on which the seminar is based or watch a recording, but the experience of learning it side by side with thousands of other people takes it to another level.

At Parker you are removed from the distractions of daily life so you are completely focused on the content. It is also an immersive experience – you are spending 3 days and nights focused on what you can do to develop to the next level. The biggest factor in the experience is the people – reflecting on what you have learnt and engaging with other positive people on the same path is the real key to Parker and the reason it has helped thousands of chiropractors and chiropractic assistants transform their lives and their practices.

The Spinal Research Foundation has had a partnership with Parker Seminars since the first Parker Australia in 2003 and it’s a relationship that continues to be one that helps the Foundation to achieve it’s mission.

This year saw the first Parker Research Poster competition being held. The winner was Dr Heidi Haavik for her project The effects of a single session of chiropractic care on brain source connectivity . This was a project that was partially funded by the Foundation in partnership with the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and the Hamblin Trust. Foundation President Dr Craig Foote was honoured to present the winning prize in front of all delegates, which created a lot of interest in the work of the Foundation.

Parker Las Vegas provides a great opportunity for the Foundation to efficiently meet with many of the leaders in the chiropractic profession and Craig and Foundation CEO, Roley Cook, worked tirelessly throughout. There will be a number of key announcements in the next few months of exciting new ventures!

The presence of Australians at Parker continues to grow.  There were a number of Australian chiropractors attending as delegates, Dr Troy Miles exhibited his “Chiro Clicker” and Drs Jennifer Barham –Floreani, Simon Floreani and I were all invited speakers at the seminar.

If you haven’t attended a Parker Vegas seminar I highly recommend you get to at least one – it’s an experience that can change your life!

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