Troy Miles: The Chiro Clicker Guy 

Career planning starts young, sometimes even occurring in childhood as youngsters pretend to be doctors, nurses, mums, dads, builders, dancers and an assortment of superheroes. These dreams, while cute in the carefree days of childhood, can often carry over into the more serious career planning process that takes place later. 

But how do you encourage early aspirations for chiropractic, when a chiropractor’s best tool is their hands? It’s a question many a chiropractor has mulled over. The good news is that Dr Troy Miles has recently found a way to facilitate this – and its proving that innovation in this profession is not always high-tech or neuroscience heavy. It can be as simple as placing a brightly coloured toy in the hands of children to help encourage these youngsters to dream.  

This is exactly what ‘the chiro clicker’ was designed for.

“I created it because kids wanna play chiropractor at home, and I often hear stories of them holding a pen upside down and trying to make it click, or grabbing a syringe out of the medical kit. There was just never a product out there where kids could play chiropractors.”

Doctors have stethoscopes. Builders have hammers and nails. Now chiropractors have this. “It’s the sort of thing that changes a generation over time,” said Troy, who conceded that the idea sat in his brain for 8 or 10 years before coming to realisation. “I saw kids grabbing my clicker and jabbing it into their parents, or adjusting their teddies.”

With a little help from industrial designers in Melbourne who made sure this creation stayed true to the shape of the famed chiropractic Activator® tool, and that it made the all important ‘clicking’ noise.

We look forward to seeing how this simple tool can help kids dream. We are sure teddies and dolls all over the world will soon benefit from the chiro-clicker and the hands of aspiring young chiropractors.

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